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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

Since the foundation of the college of art in 2004 till now seeks to obtain a distinguished status among art colleges in Iraqi universities and to have scientific acceptance from Iraqi,.  ......Read more

About the College

  • •The college has been established in 2004 with three departments:
  •    1-Arabic.
  •    2-Archeology.
  •    3-Sociology.
  • We hope to open new departments soon.
  • •The number of students in the first year reached (89), and they started in august 2004.
  • •The sixth day of august has been chosen as the day of the college which the college celebrate in it.
  • •The college is specialized in studying humanities and sociology. Also, the college works on preparing researchers and professionals in it. In addition, the college seeks to apply the scientific approaches and critical thinking beside the participation in the development of well-educate generation capable of improving the community socially, spiritually and financially.